Sunday, July 15, 2012

Necessary Sewing

***Edited*** to rearrange/resize pictures, and to say that the Blogger App for the iPhone is seriously next to useless.

Home dec sewing is not everyone's favorite thing to sew. I usually enjoy it, but have so many projects in the wings right now when I'd rather be sewing clothes. It had to be done, like taking vitamins, y'know what I mean?

In short, I needed to cover Zelda's ugly but oh so necessary crate. I had two twin sized duvet covers for the guest bedroom beds, that is until a nephew had an accident, and it (the cover, not the nephew) faded terribly in the wash.

I cut up the duvet cover, made a front flap, and hemmed it all. Right now I have it pinned on the sides, because it was getting past my bedtime. I like the open areas on each side and the back for air flow. I am contemplating adding a flap that we can open or close as needed.

I employed a form of Selah Tape that has a flexible metal strip sandwiched between the tape. It is in the hem of the part of the cover that goes around the corners in the front of the crate. I wanted these areas to behave and not flap all over. Selah is a great product, and did the trick.

I'm happy with how it turned out. I considered piping around the edges of the top as well as the corners, but this was quicker and easier. The duvet cover was initially purchased for $10. If it gets stained or ruined, no big deal. I have plenty other home dec stash fabric, and next time I may spring for piping.

Zelda seems to like her new decor. In related, but non-sewing news, Zelda's adoption was official today! We were fostering her through the Humane Societies' Chances Program. She has made things interesting around here, and has fast become part of our family.

In another type of Zelda news, some of you may (hell, maybe no one will) recognize the name Zelda from a series of video games. Zelda is a princess, and Link is a main character in the games. Despite the fact that my daughter grew up playing these games with my husband, I don't know much more. Well, I do know that Link is a good character, and that he plays an ocarina in one of the games, and I know there is a mask called Majora's Mask. I know that last one because my daughter made a Majora's Mask that is gorgeous. She used strips of muslin in a fabric mâché kind of process. Anyhow, I digress. The point of this is that we went to Orlando yesterday to see the Orlando Symphony Orchestra's production of the music of The Legend of Zelda, as the games are referred to. The music was beautiful, and it was a fun but exhausting night.

So, in case it was keeping you up nights wondering, our little Zelda's name is from The Legend of Zelda, the video games.

I guess you could say that this weekend was all about Zelda. Or Zeldas.

I'll be glad to put in the final stitches and check this project off my 'to-do' list.

How do you feel about home dec sewing? Does it give you hives? Is it a necessary evil? Would you rather pay someone to do it for you? Or do you derive some sort of Zen pleasure from sewing all those straight seams?

One more thing, I have been having trouble with the comment section on my blog. I've been told that there is a problem with the comments section, and readers have been unable to comment. I've had trouble accessing them at times also. I'm trying different avenues trying to fix it, but Blogger is sometimes fickle. I welcome any suggestions or comments, and if you can't leave one below, my email is Satinbirddesigns at gmail (dot) com.

Be well, {Happy Monday},


ps...Pics may be out of order, as I'm trying out the Blogger app. They may also be too large, if that's the case I'll go back and fix them in the morning. {Fixed!}

Umm, no idea why/how this picture landed in this post.  Blogging past my bedtime, most likely.

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