Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Style Arc Knits

Lisa V-neck tee paired with a knit skirt made in pre-blog days.

Presenting the Style Arc Lisa tee.  I purchased this pattern some time ago (or it may have been free with an order), in a size 16.  It's a straightforward V neck tee pattern, with front, back, and neck binding pieces, easy peasy.

I used the V neck binding method as detailed in Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Techniques , which is my preferred method.  This method workes nicely and give a clean look, with an overlap of the band at the V.

The fabric, a thinner ITY knit from Fabric Mart, was a PITA to sew the band detail.  I made generous use of Pro Tricot Deluxe interfacing, which helped significantly.  The rest of this fabric will likely become a long knit skirt - no detail sewing!  

The pattern is typical Style Arc, heavier white paper, brief instructions.  What else can I say?

The fit:   I need to order a smaller size (yay!) on the next top pattern I purchase from SA.  The shoulders are too big, by about 3/4".   For the few SA top patterns that I already own, I'll need to do a narrow shoulder adjustment.  It's a nice little top pattern, a wardrobe basic.  I did not do a FBA, however if I sized down, it would definitely be necessary.

Make again?  Yes, probably.  It's a staple.  Once I get the shoulder adjustment made, this can serve as my TNT V neck tee.

Dressed up & dressed down.

Next up is Style Arc's Sailor Sue Palazzo Pants.  Yep, another pair, with more to come.  They are perfect for my lifestyle, casual and comfortable, and can be dressed up or down, and Ponte knit can be worn all year here in Sunny Florida.  My first pair is black Ponte; this pair is navy Sophia knit from Fabric.com.  I had a tough time photographing these dark fabrics!  

I love, love, love these pants!  Nothing much new to say about this pattern.  At the waist, I took them in 2" at each side seam and 1" at the back seam, blending out to just below the hip.  (I should just alter the pattern, eh?)  I recently took my first pair in the same amount.  I used 1cm elastic, serged on and turned, then stitched in the ditch at each seam to tack it down.  The first pair I used fold over elastic (FOE), but the elastic I used today is a bit firmer.  Except for the stitch in the ditch, these were constructed on the serger.  

Style Arc includes a fabric swatch on each pattern to assist in choosing a fabric.  So far all my Ponte knits have been heavier than the sample, and they work fine.  I like a little more thickness to bottom fabrics.

Back view.  

Up next:

1)  Two more Sailor Sue Palazzo Pants.  Yes, really!  One in an super nice, heftier "Anthracite" Ponte from Emma One Sock, and the other in a brown Ponte from Hancock.
2)  A top that will work with both the "Anthracite" (gray) and the brown pants, in the print fabric below.  Not sure which top yet, but it'll be short sleeve, perhaps another Creative Cate top.  The colors may say Autumn, but the thermometer still says summer,

3)  Some top with 3/4 length or longer sleeves in this next fabric.  The fabric is a knit, feels a bit sweatshirty but a little thinner.  I am feeling something very casual for this fabric.

4)  A beanbag chair requested by DD for her room.  I purchased some ripstop nylon for the inner bag today.  

5)  Some kiddie sewing for nieces and nephews in some too cute fabric I found today.  Looking forward already to seeing them in their outfits!  
That's all for now.  Pretty soon I'll be dreaming of sewing Sailor Sues and Creative Cates in my sleep!  

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  1. Wow - you've been quite productive! Both the tee and pants look great on you. It will be fun to see what comes next!

  2. Dixie is right. You have been productive. You have been making up for my complete lack of sewing. The sewing continuum endures.

    1. These easy knits that are easy to take in are really working for me right now, even if it's a little boring sewing a bunch of the same knit patterns. :-)

  3. A well fitting v-neck tee is a wardrobe staple. Yours look great. I really like the white one with the front pocket. So casual and easy.

    1. Thank, Rhonda. It's like wearing jammies, but suitable for wearing out!

  4. Very nice tops. I've never tried Style Arc. I should. Your pieces all look classic.

  5. Some lovely tops, and a good staple Tshirt pattern is indispensable :) I really love the white one too!


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