Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two Tops and a Skirt

McCall's 6078  has been well reviewed in the blogosphere, including on Pattern Review.  Most reviews warned this pattern ran big, so I purchased the XS-S-M size grouping.  Typically in Big 4 pattern companies, a M size fits my shoulders, and then I adjust the bust.  I mentioned that I was auditioning this pattern for some fabric from EOS.

Notice the disparity?

When I pulled the pattern out of the envelope, printed on the tissue was the L-XL grouping.  Bummer!  Has this ever happened to you?  Well, I forged ahead and cut a straight size large in an ITY knit from Fabric Mart that I had previously used to make a skirt.  I believe the fabric is called Brushstroke.

I hemmed the skirt (Kwik Sew 3513) to mid knee after these pics. 

I pulled my hair up in the first picture to show the little black wraps that gather the fronts.  (Click to enlarge.)  I am still playing with placement of the little wraps.  Higher up you get a deeper cowl, lower down makes the neckline look almost like a sweetheart style.  Nonetheless, the top is too big, which affects the wearability with regards to cleavage.  You can see on the back view the shoulders are extending too far.  

Post-construction changes:  I ended up taking an extra 2cm out of each side seam at armscye level, blending to 4cm at waist level and below, for a total of 4cm at the bust and 8 cm at the waist and hip.  I still will need to take up more at the top of the side seams.  The shoulders and neckline are a little too wide.  Overall, I like the top, but I'm not sure if it will get a ton of wear.  It will need a modesty panel to prevent a show when I lean forward.   I may go back and take up the shoulder seams.  If you make McCall's 6078, be warned, it runs large huge.  

So for now, since the pattern was the wrong size, I did not use this pattern for my EOS fabric.  Instead, I cut Style Arc's Creative Cate.  I searched my pattern stash, looking for a pattern that would let the print fabric speak for itself, and Cate won on that front.  I had 2 1/4 yards of the print - perhaps when I bought it I was thinking dress, but right now I am in skirt and top mode.  I managed to squeeze out both the Cate and another KS 3513, with enough left for a pair, maybe 2 of panties, skivvies, undies, or knickers, depending where you reside!  

Creative Cate Top  

Nothing much new to say about Creative Cate, really, except that when I first made it, I wasn't in love.  I've changed my tune after Cate spent some time in the magic closet.  I constructed this version slightly differently, basting stay tape to the shoulders, then serging them, catching in the edges of the cowl.  The side seams were serged, hems coverstitched.  This fabric, while lightweight, is a little more substantial than the knit I used for my first Cate, which improves wearability.

{I apologize for lousy cell phone pictures.  I misplaced my camera remote.  :-( }

Not much new to say about the Kwik Sew skirt either,  except I road tested the black one from the previous post, and found it to be too big, constantly falling down.  For this skirt I cut a small waistband and medium skirt body.  Trust me, in no realm of the universe am I a size small.  This pattern is generously sized.  The S/M combo is a much more comfortable combo.  Now I've got to take in the black one.  Here are some pictures of Cate and KS3513 - click to enlarge as usual.  

Left picture:  Too much print for me.  Broken up with a RTW black sweater, middle, is better, IMO.  I like the combo on the left the best - my favorite RTW black tee with Cate.  Dress it down with black flip flops and I'm good to go any day.

I did not take a picture, but the black KS skirt looks great with new Cate.  Sort of like my Style Arc Sailor Sue Palazzo Pants, below,  look nice with Cate (after I took them in from the waist through the hip.)  I threw on my favorite RTW wrap/sweater (purchased last winter from the lingerie department at Nordstrom's), some jewlery and lipstick, and wore the outfit to dinner last night.  
I like how the black pieces tone down the print a bit.

I wanted to mention that I did something a little different on the black KS 3513 skirt hem.  I used my coverstitch, but placed the skirt right side down when sewing, so the actual coverstitch is on the inside, and what you normally see on the inside is on the right side.  I have seen this on exercise clothing & sportswear, and I like the look.  Of course, no one will really notice, right?

As I was cutting out the print Cate top and KS skirt, I realized that I had the makings of a mini wardrobe starting.  Not my usual MO, but it is a good thing, as the majority of the clothes in my closet do not fit anymore, all being too big.  I am loving the ITY knits - the black ITY skirt is incredibly comfortable.  On my ironing board at the moment is a Style Arc Lisa Top in Black ITY which will coordinate with the print skirt.   It's another quickie, but I stopped short of installing the V neck binding late last evening - I did not want to muck it up 'cause I was too tired, know what I mean?

Seriously, though Cate is so fast and easy that you could make a bunch of these in an evening.  Cate in a variety of colors with a Kwik Sew 3513 black skirt and a pair of black Style Arc Sailor Sue Palazzo Pants, (both also quick makes) and a sweater, and you have a knit travel wardrobe that resists wrinkles and takes up almost no room.  I'm not traveling, but I am in need of clothes that fit for a bit while I continue my weight loss and fitness journey.  These pieces are proving useful in that regard.  I may pursue this knit mini wardrobe in a couple of colorways to last me through my weight loss journey.   I may start with another pair of Sailor Sue Pants in a grey Ponte for autumn - they have been worn probably more than any other clothing item I've made. 

Next up after Lisa? I'm planning on riding the knits wave for a few more pieces, and I have a couple of birthday presents to make.  That's all for now, folks, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh Andrea, VA, VA, VA BOOM!!!! You look wonderful. I especially like the first top. Those are colors I gravitate to.

  2. Wow someone has been mighty busy! I'm lovin the mini wardrobe thing a lot! I would have to say, I would notice the stitching on you skirt hem, because I love that type of thing!

    Great work, and wonderful commitment in your quest for a healthier you...congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Myra! The nice thing about these simple knit patterns is that they go together so quickly, I can get one or two in after dinner!


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