Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation! Well, Almost.

Hello y'all!  How goes it in your neck of the woods?  Life has been so busy here, and there has been sewing, just no blogging.

View of the Gulf of Mexico from the Florida Gulf Coast
We live in one of the most beautiful locations: Florida, a short drive to the Gulf Beaches.  Sweet, right?  This summer  year has been sparse for vacations for us.  We planned a beach getaway to begin today, right before the school year begins again.

We packed our suitcases, filled the cooler with goodies, dropped off the dogs at the sitters, and were on our way.  We stopped here for lunch, a bit of a detour, but worth it!  (If you are local, it's a must go.  Myra, we should so do lunch here.)  Finally, with full bellies we turn onto the street in front of the beaches, our beachfront condo building visible just a stone's throw away.  We are calculating in our heads how long it'll take to unload the car and hit the beach, wondering if we will beat the afternoon storms.

But we are stopped by a police officer, his cruiser blocking the road with lights flashing.  Surely he will let us get to our beach condo, it's so close!  Nay.  A gas leak has occurred right in front of the condo.  No one gets past the roadblock.  Geez, what are the odds?

So, we turn around and head back home until we get the all clear to head back.  In the meantime, I will sew.  (Which is cool, because truth be told, I was feeling a bit odd about not taking any sewing with me.)  The hubs?  Went to work.  Yes, really.  I kid you not.  DD is hanging out with me, just chilling and looking cute and summery in her sundress.

I will blog after vacay about the sewing I've been doing, some good, some meh.  Right now I'm gonna run and go whip out a tee.

Parting shot - this is up next on the cutting table after vacation (if it ever starts!).  Not sure of the patterns, yet.  What would you make with the scrumptious knits?

Can't remember if I showed you this yummy fabric.  If I did, well, here it is again!  
What's up next on your cutting table?  Please share, I get so inspired by you all!

Be well, and happy sewing,



  1. Oh no!! I'm so sorry that happened!! What bad timing, ya think that darn gas leak could have waited just one week!! That's ok, you'll make up the time!

    That Deli looks yummy!! Never heard of it, but sure want to pull up a chair and give it a try! Just let me have to get through vacation first! (your fabric is luscious...can't wait to see what you do with it!)

  2. Have a wonderful holiday. Just before I clicked on your blog, I was looking at Berroco yarn to do a ruffle on a coat.


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