Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall 2012's first outfit: Sneak Peek and A Bra Pattern {!!!}


Fabric for this week's new outfit.  Charcoal Ponte from Emma One Sock that has marinated well in the stash since last winter.  Actually, they are already a pair of pants just waiting to be hemmed tomorrow.  The rectangles fabric, distinctly unmarinated, was just purchased today.  Digging through the stash did not produce anything I was really feeling for the beautiful grey Ponte, so I grabbed my bag and keys and ran to see my local fabric goddess, Marisu.  {Myra, we must schedule a little trip!} She was actually closed, with a note on the door that she was gone for NY's Fashion Week!  Well, as luck would have it, she was in, but only for a few minutes.  My dear Marisu has the eye, I tell you.  I showed her a swatch of my fabric, and with a glance at my coloring, pulled out a couple of beautiful rayon jerseys.  I bought both, of course.  The other is a border print, and is currently in line in the laundry room, so pics of that later, k?

The rectangles fabric got washed, dried, and cut out after dinner, and will be a top to go with the grey pants.  $50,000 Question:  Which two patterns will be used to make this outfit?  Hmmmm.  I'd tell you, but you might think me obsessed.  Or dull.  Or... lazy.  Truth be told, it just could be a combo of all of the above.  

I will finish up these quickies tomorrow, as I want to wear them Thursday morning, when I have to give a little talk.  The place is informal, but the event is a welcome of sorts for a very special visitor, so I want an outfit that looks nice, but it does not need to be formal or 'stuffy'.  The venue is typically warmish, and I get more than warmish naturally on my own, so a light top is in order, and no hose for sure.  Should have pics tomorrow or Thursday.  

The colors are difficult to capture this evening.  I lightened the pic on the right, but they do not show true colors.  Maybe a daytime outside picture will work better.

Pretty excited about this!  An order from 'Make Bra' arrived yesterday!!  The only time ever ever ever I have seen a bra pattern in my size.  It is a 75J in Make Bra size, which translates to a UK size 34GG, or a US size 34I (or is it J? I forget - I pretty much buy UK brands - they just seem to understand the supersized mammys.)  Just have to gather some fabric for this project, which is definitely on the short list.  {{ The link above is to the pattern I bought, but there are several others, and a free hipster panty pattern too!.}}

Not so excited about this.  Kinda put a damper on the day yesterday, but the bright side is that a) no one was harmed in the creation of this gaping hole in my car's tire, b) a young driver who shall remain unnamed did an amazing job keeping her cool during the creation of this hole, and was able to drive the car, and us, to safety (she rocks!), and c) a lesson was learned, and all is good. 

Aside from these adventures, I have been otherwise occupied reorganizing my sewing room.  I just wasn't liking the flow, so I tore it apart, bought a new Ikea cabinet (thanks to Hubby for the putting together), and reassembled the room.  I am pretty close to completion, so there will be some sewing space pics soon.  

I also began sewing machine shopping.  I want to upgrade my regular sm, and I am not sure what I want yet.  I looked at Bernina this week - dang!  More on that later when I can form words about what I saw.  

Be well, and sew happily,



  1. Oh, thanks for the tip on Make Bra!! Aren't they fun?!

  2. Love the geometric fabrics. You're going to be busy tonight if you plan to wear a new outfit tomorrow. Sew girl, sew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad everyone is okay with that tire situation. I had a blow out on the expressway a few years ago. I was in the middle lane and holding a hot cup of tea in my hand, of course. All I can say is, God was with me.

    1. I am happy to report I finished my outfit earlier today, and it's pressed and ready to wear. :-)

      Tire blowouts are really scary, I am so glad you were ok too!

  3. Fun stuff coming up! I can't wait to hear about your bramaking adventures!
    I'm glad that the blowout was a safe learning experience for all. I'm never forget my first blowout - on a stretch of highway in the middle of no where in the days before cell phones. Scary!

  4. Thanks, Katie, I am so happy to have a pattern so I don't have to reinvent the wheel!

    How did we exist before cell phones? That must have been really schary!

  5. OMG...I am so happy everyone is okay! That's a nasty hole! Beautiful fabrics, I love anything in Ponte (my new favorite fabric). Sorry I couldn't join you at Marisu's. I have been totally 'chained to my desk"! We will definitely do something soon!


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