Sunday, September 23, 2012

Style Arc Sailor Sue Palazzo Pants and Creative Cate: Autumn Versions

The Ixoras are blooming well.

Happy Autumn!  We had the most glorious day here in my neck of the woods, and all in all it has been a great weekend.  Hope you're having a relaxing and fun weekend too.  I admit I am ever so slightly envious of all the northerners out there who are reporting that coolness in the morning and evening air that early autumn ushers in.  

So, if you stop by here regularly, you probably know that my peeps and I have been journeying to better health and fitness, resulting in a slow and steady weight loss for the whole family.  I am almost halfway to my goal weight, (yay!), and most of the clothes in my closet no longer fit.  In order to have a wardrobe that fits (other than exercise clothes), I have been focusing on sewing up easy knits.  I have a fairly casual lifestyle, so I am not really in need of  tailored items during this phase.  I don't want to invest lots of time and effort into involved garments that (with any luck) will only be wearable for a short time.

You may be saying enough already, but I've made a third version of the Sailor Sue pants and a third version of the Creative Cate top.  Clearly, I love these patterns.  They are quick and easy to cut & sew, comfortable to wear, and no-fuss care since they are knits.   Style Arc patterns are not inexpensive to ship to the US from Australia, but I would say I've gotten my money's worth from these two patterns.   

Creative Cate:  
This top has a cowl neck, and a short, cut-on sleeve.  I used a rayon knit obtained locally, that has a beautiful hand and drape.  One feature of this pattern that I noticed on this version is that the sleeve openings are a little small.  I did not notice this on my earlier versions, as the fabrics used had more stretch and softer recovery.  My arms are relatively thin, so if you have fuller upper arms, this may be an issue.  The sleeves are not uncomfortable, but rather just show a slight pulling, as though there could be more ease.  I am also noticing some pull lines between the girls, moreso than prior versions, and again, all other things being equal (even same bra), it's the fabric's snappier stretch/recovery.  BTW, I never did a FBA on this pattern, but if I use a firmer knit in the future, I may need one.

Other than changing the order of construction listed on the pattern, no changes to the pattern.  I sewed it entirely on my serger.  This is one quick and satisfying pattern, and I can live with a little pulling.

A little pulling here and there. Could have used a FBA.  Oh well!

Sailor Sue:
The fabric for this pair of Sailor Sue pants is a fabulous Ponte in charcoal purchased from Emma One Sock last fall.  This pair was made from Hancock's Ponte (nor Marci Tilton as I said in that post),  and this pair is a navy Sophia Knit from, definitely not a Ponte from EOS, as I mistakenly posted.  Late night posting, I guess.... But the source on the fabric for today's outfit is definitely correct!  

Anyhoo, the point here is that all three fabrics have behaved a little differently, with this latest charcoal EOS Ponte being the 'firmest' of the 3 double knits.  I mentioned previously that I took in the first pair, then removed that same amount in the hip and waist area in the second pair during construction.  For this pair, since the fabric has less stretch, I just used generous seam allowances on the side seams from the hip to waist.

The only real change to the pattern this time is that I decided to put a waistband on these pants, although the pattern calls for a 1cm elastic sewed to the inside waist, then turned in and secured.  The waistband consists of  Fantastic Elastic and a self-drafted waistband.  I am not convinced I will keep the waistband, because although it is comfortable, it is changing the way the pant wears/hangs.  I am wearing them around the house today to help me decide.  My husband took pictures for me outside, and he even noticed they were sitting differently than their sisters, and had funny lines forming.  If the hubby notices, I probably need to ditch the waistband! 

I am not sure exactly what is causing the lines. What do you think?

What is causing my funny pant lines?

Even with the little fit snags encountered this third time around, I'm still smitten with Sue & Cate.  The lovely fabrics were a dream to sew, and feel great to wear. 

Up next?  I've ordered the rest of the supplies and fabric needed to make the bra pattern purchased from Make Bra, but while I am waiting, I may surprise DD with an Alma top from Sewaholic.  Where she attends school, they wear mostly their own clothes, except the one day they wear uniforms.  There are a few rules governing what 'normal' clothes they wear. one rule being that collars are required.  I am considering making this top in a knit, with a shorter sleeve.  It is drafted for a woven, but I'll just have to make it work.  

Photo from Sewaholic - click for source.

She has a top similar to the one below, except the collar is beaded.  I think the Alma top will be a good starting point.

Source:  H & M

That's all for now... Have a wonderful week with plenty of sewing!



  1. Halfway to goal! You go girl! I am jealous that you are sewing, I just don't feel like there is any point for me right now.

    If you hadn't pointed out the pulling on the top, I would never have noticed, and soon the top will be looser so there will be no pulling. I like the top and the pants, but I am no help with the funny wrinkles, sorry.

  2. You look fabulous. Congratulations on your success to date!! The top really looks perfect on you.

  3. Hey there! Another beautiful ensemble! When you have great, easy patterns like these, who wouldn't make them TNTs! I love both pieces and the look truly accentuates you brand new Bod beautifully! Adding comfort is a huge perk!

  4. Oops...forgot to answer the question! I don't believe there is anything wrong with the slacks...if you look closely, the leg on the right is pooling at the bottom and appears to be creating more lines on that side. Looks like you have a great overall fit. I would have to get a closer look...I see a fabric trip coming!

    1. Thank you, and I agree Myra - we need to have a shopping trip! BTW, your goodies are in a box, sitting in my office, waiting to be mailed. I'll make it there soon!

  5. Girl, you are looking fabulous! This top and pants are so nice. Love the print fabric, and you can never go wrong with ponte. Really nice outfit!

    1. Thank you so much, Dixie! I swear, I have a love affair going on with Ponte!

  6. Congratulations on your success!! The new outfit is really nice. In my experience those slight lines are caused by the pieces being cut slightly off-grain. But the trousers certainly look gorgeous on you! These patterns are clearly very "you" :)

  7. Thank you, Carolyn! I'll have to take a look at tyhe grain on the pants, thanks for the tip. :-)


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