Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Have You Seen This? Brand Name Wicking Fabrics!

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I live in workout clothes a good portion of the time.  I love good quality exercise clothes, and in particular, I love the wicking properties of the fabrics.  That property is most useful for middle age power surges, besides making exercise more comfortable.   I have a few wicking fabrics in my stash from various sources, mostly appropriate for tees.  I search regularly for both Nike and Under Armour fabrics, and this week two different bloggers posted about the availability of them, one Nike and one UA.  

Most people are probably familiar with the first blogger, Renee from Miss Celie's Pants.  Click on that link for information about her Under Armour haul, and how you can get yourself some.  I've emailed the shop and am waiting to hear back.  Renee said  UA is a local company up there, so maybe the shop will stock it regularly.  By the way, I love her blog, and love to see what she sews.
Look at the great fabrics Renee picked up!

You probably know the second blogger, Dawn from Two ON Two Off, although I found her blog just recently.  Check out the Jalie top  and the Jalie pants (and enviable abs!) she made with the Nike Dri-Fit fabric she found. Compare the price of the fabric to the tights made from Dri-Fit below - a bargain in my book.  She was kind enough to put some up on her Etsy shop, (link from her blog) and said she *might* get more if there is enough interest. 

This article talks about how what you wear when you exercise impacts your confidence and motivation.  I know I like to workout when I know I look good in my workout wear, don't you?  

I am so excited about the availability of these great fabrics, so I am doing my part to pass on the info.  Or maybe I'm just being selfish, promoting it to ensure a steady supply.   So go on and get your wicking fabrics!


  1. I've been eyeing the UA fabrics; thanks for the link to the other - these are such must-haves in my wardrobe as well!

    1. I am really excited to get my Dri-Fit order! I ordered the Cold Gear - now it just has to get cold here...

  2. Thanks for the info. Finding good wicking fabric can be quite a task.

  3. I love Renee's blog too :) Thanks for the links!

  4. I have never made any workout gear as yet, always purchased it before, guess it's high time I gave it a try! Thank you for the tip! Sorry about being MIA for a while, between work and this wedding, it's been very challenging!


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