Thursday, November 1, 2012

A New Sewing Machine!

Meet my new sewing machine, Babylock's Crescendo. 

Just a few stitches.  The stitch on the lower right the hubby calls the EKG stitch.

Random characters - Japanese?

I really love the chains.

After trying out many of the stitch settings and generally road testing my new Crescendo, I attached the walking foot that came with the machine.  It actually plugs into the machine by way of a short cord and what looks like a camera connection.  I had some fleece blankets for a charity event that I needed to sew up.  I've previously sewn similar blankets on my old machine, and by comparison, my new Babylock sewed the thick fleece layers like a hot knife cutting butter.  The blankets are pictured below.  When I was on the second blanket, the machine beeped, stopped sewing, and a note popped up on the screen that the bobbin thread was almost empty.  Loved that!  Winding a new bobbin was NBD, because there is a separate motor for that purpose.  

The most boring sewing ever.

The Crescendo has features I haven't even tried yet, but is extremely user friendly.  I browsed through the extensive manual, but the cool thing for visual people is on-screen instructions and instruction videos.  The screen size and brightness is fantastic.  The lights are very bright and plentiful, good for my aging eyes.  I'm in love!

I have been an absentee blogger, but I've been keeping up on blog reading as much as possible.  Life is busy these days. The fundraiser I am involved with is coming up soon, and we have begun attending college fairs and visiting colleges.  I've got several things lined up to sew, but haven't found the time or energy.  Nothing like a brand new, booty-kicking sewing machine to fuel the mojo!  

My heart goes out to all who were in the path of Sandy and suffered loss.  It was surreal watching it - we are so often affected by tropical weather systems here in Florida, but this time we were the ones calling relatives and friends up north to make sure they were ok.  I hope all of my blog friends and your families are safe and well.

Be well, and happy sewing,



  1. Congratulations on the new machine. I have a wonderful Babylock serger that I love. I also have an older Babylock machine. I keep going back to my Bernina though. Eventually I would like to upgrade my machine. They become like a great old friend that you just can't think of getting rid of!!
    So happy to see your post. I've missed you:)

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! I was really on the fence about computerized sm's until I saw and sewed with the Crescendo.

  2. It's nice to see you back, and WOW on the new machine - you jumped in to the deep end! Enjoy :)

  3. Congratulations on your new machine! I bet it's nice to sew with! We will have to get together after I get back from my vacation/wedding. Good luck with your fund raising event!

    1. Thanks Myra, you should come over to 'play' after the wedding is over. I hope your trip and wedding are wonderful!

  4. Congrats on your new machine!!! She's a beauty. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy some quality time with her soon. :)

  5. Thank you Robin, it's been fabulous to sew on! Btw, no idea why the pictures are wonky on this post...


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