Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Circle and a Rack

Hello and Christmas Greetings!  If you celebrate, I hope it was wonderful.  We had a really lovely time, even though my hubby is recovering from over a week of influenza, and my daughter is recuperating from surgery.  Thankfully, though, they both had their appetites back today.  Good thing, because dinner was mighty good, if I do say so myself. 

First, the circle. A few days ago, my daughter asked me to make her a short, black, circle skirt to wear on Christmas day.  On Christmas Eve morning I did all the cooking for dinner (we subscribe to the Italian tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve, more on that here), then happily headed up to the studio to make the skirt.  On my Christmas present (that I bought in November).  Of the few woven black fabrics in the stash, DD chose a 3 yard piece of a light/med weight twill with stretch.  It was part of a long ago Fabric Mart Bundle, so fiber content is unknown, but I'm guessing it is poly/cotton/lycra.  

Anyhow, armed with her waist measurement pluse ease and seam allowance, and the desired skirt length (otherwise know as the don't bend over length), I did some math.  Y'know - that whole calculating the radius thing, where the radius equals the circumference (aka waist measurement) divided by (2 x 3.14).  [3.14 is the value of pi just in case you've forgotten about that little bugger.]  Using the radius, I laid out my folded piece of fabric, and drew the waist curve (radius measurement) right on my fabric with chalk, then measured down from the waist at several points to make the hem curve.  After I cut out that skirt piece, I cut a second one the same, but cut the second one up the center (fold line), to put in a zipper.  Make sense?  

Well, even if that doesn't make sense, it worked.  I french seamed the side seams, and for the back (zipper) seam, I serged  the seam allowances.  I put a 1" wide waistband, interfaced (with something stiff-ish from the stash - sorry, I was in a hurry).  Inspired by Carolyn's fabulous use of bias binding on garment innards, I bound the waistband SA using purple bias binding for a pop of color on the inside.   Finally, this morning, (when I could see), I made a little tiny hem.  My new Babylock sewing machine makes sewing anything an absolute d.r.e.a.m.  {Thanks, Santa!}

After making this cute, simple, little circle skirt, I took the suckiest cell phone picture ever, for your viewing pleasure.  See it up there at the top of this post? ;-)  Seriously, I'll try to get a modeled pic, but when my girl got dressed (when the company pulled into the driveway), I was hot 'n heavy into cooking dinner, and literally 30 seconds after they left, she was in her jammies.  She did look adorable in her new skirt, though.  The waistband turned out a little big, but I have a remedy for that (in my head, anyway) which I shall show you later.   Her friend has already asked for a duplicate, so there will be another in my future.  But there will be a little something for moi fist!

Next, I just have to tell you all about the rack, because it was so good.  Rack of Lamb, that is.  The lamb came from Whole Foods Market, and I used a recipe found online here (scroll to bottom of page - last recipe).  And, um, no picture.  It was our second course at dinner tonight, after the pasta, and I just wasn't quick enough to snap a picture!  But seriously, if you like lamb, the recipe is a winner.  Better than any lamb we've had in any restaurant.  My father-in-law, who is all of 130 pounds soakin' wet God bless him, chowed down on it along with plenty of rice & peas and mashed potatoes - and that was after the pasta, meatballs, sausage, and salad!  Good to know he likes my cooking, right?  Made my mother-in-law wonder out loud at dinner if she was feeding him enough at home, lol.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, dinner was prepared, served, and eaten while wearing black Style Arc Sailor Sue Pants and a red Style Arc Creaive Cate top (at first unloved but now loved), two most frequently worn garments.  

So, to make up for the sucky skirt picture and general lack of pics in today's post, I will leave you with this:
Crystal keeping me company in the studio last night. She needed some time away from Zelda (L'il Z, Little Shit, etc).

Crystal and Zelda

A peaceful week to you and yours.  

See you soon,



  1. Sounds like a lovely celebration. If you decide to make another circular skirt, use my easy calcution method I talked about on FFPF, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2011/08/fabulous-free-pattern-fridaysthe.html, a lot easier than pi!!
    Love the dog shots. I'm off to read and cuddle with mine :)

  2. I love your description of the minimum length for the circle skirt. Made me laugh and then I had to explain it to my 6 year olds.

    We had lamb rack too - love that stuff. Merry Merry to you and yours Andrea.


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