Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nike Dri-Fit "Yoga Pant"

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone, and we are on the cusp of a new year?  A lot of bloggers look back at what they have made in the last year, but I'm feeling more like looking forward right now, and setting a few goals sewing wise.  I have a couple more 2012 made things to talk about yet, and here is one that has become a favorite or TNT if you will.

It's been getting a bit chilly here, in fact it was about 40*F here this morning.  (I know, small potatoes for those of you who live where it's reallllllly cold.)  I needed some warm exercise pants for outdoor activities, walking the dog, or just hanging out in my cold house. My sewing room is the coldest room in the house!

I looked through my pattern stash thinking I may try a new pattern, but I ended up going with Silhouette Patterns #3400 Three Piece Yoga Pant,  which I have made twice before.  This time I  modified the waistband.  More on that below.

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I had purchased some Nike Dri-Fit Brush Back yardage from (speaking of cold climes) Dawn at Two On, Two Off a while back.  It is luscious fabric, so soft and cozy on one side (inside) and a matte stretch lycra on the other. I think she still has some up on her Etsy shop, which is linked from her blog. Let me just tell you, this fabric makes the yummiest, most comfortable clothes.

A little look back:

First pair of SP Yoga Pants made in November 2011
I made these in a 14W using technical fabric from Hancock's.  I did not show a full shot on the blog post, because they were rather snug and unkindly revealing.  I never wore these much, but kept them hanging in my closet.

Second pair of SP Yoga Pants made in November 2011
Before I made this pair, I studied the pattern measurements/proportions a bit, which I discussed in the post, and decided to go with a regular size 14 waist, grading out to a regular size 18 at the hip and below, which made for a nice wide leg.  These fit really well, and I wore them often.

Fast Forward:

A year later, I am 20 pounds lighter (all sweat and tears!) and needed to revisit the size issue.  I had a trying on session, during which my daughter took some cell phone pictures.

Pair #2 Front

Pair #2 Back

Pair #2 Back
Clearly, Pair # 2 are now too big, so I checked out Pair #1, the straight 14W.

Pair #1Front

Pair #1 Back (almost TMI!)

Another back shot indicating top of waistband.
 Clearly, the first pair, the straight 14W, fits fine now, and the second pair are too big.  I really like the narrower leg on this pair.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I used the same pattern in a 14W to make my Nike Dri-Fit pants.

I made my own waistband, similar to what Dawn did here, just a little wider, and higher riding.  The next two pictures show the waistband unfolded.  I cut this on the cross grain, about 4 - 5 inches smaller than my waist.

Side view, in the midst of UFO's and the ironing pile!
 These night time indoor cell phone pics are really lousy.  I will try to get some better outdoor shots to post.

The Nike Dri-Fit Brush Back is really fabulous fabric.  I highly recommend it!  The Silhouette Patterns Yoga Pant is a keeper also, and comes in quite a range of sizes.

I hope to make it back later today or tomorrow with one more 2012 make, a rather new category for me, so until then, happy sewing!



  1. Congrat's on the weight loss - well done! And love the new comfy pants...J

  2. How nice that the 14 fits! And it illustrates clearly why it's so hard for us women to toss too big/too small stuff. ;-) Yes, brrrrr this morning. And still. I guess our "winter" is upon us.

    Happy New Year!

  3. You're rockin' those pants! Big congrats on the weight loss - well done! :)

  4. Whew! Those pants are really big. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment!

  5. Great work, both with your sewing and personal goals! Happy New Year!

  6. Congrats on your weight Loss! I agree that these yoga pants are great.Yours look great on you.
    I raised them 2" before adding on the waistband. That way, I avoid the muffin top look. I'm using this pattern as a project for my sewing group and having good luck fitting the ladies. They are all very happy with them too.

  7. Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss! The new yoga pants look terrific! Happy New Year, Andrea :)

  8. Yay they look really good and you didn't have to make a new pair. Congrats on the weight loss too of course.

    Happy New Year and happy sewing for 2013.


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