Friday, January 4, 2013

Kwik Sew 3167: Two Pairs & Review

I showed you these here.  KS 3167 View C

And tonight I made these in wicking fabric from the same pattern.  KS 3167 View A

Too bad that cute little bralette won't do a damn thing for me.

A little tab on the back to tell back from front easily.

Comparison of favorite RTW pair to KS 3197

Who knew it would be so easy to duplicate my favorite undergarments?  I made this KS pattern in lace, not realizing how close it would be to my RTW skivvies.  

The pattern is 2 pieces, the body and the crotch lining piece.  I assembled both pair using a 4 thread overlock stitch on the serger, and a 3-step zigzag on the regular machine.

Black Lace Pair
I deviated from instructions for View C by using a wider lace.  The pattern calls for 8" stretch lace, mine was a few inches wider, and it came from stash.  The crotch lining is black cotton from scraps.  They wear very well, and are super comfortable.  Creepage factor is minimal, and there are no VPL.  

Grey & White Pair
The fabric for View A came from stash also.  It is a wicking fabric, which will be great to wear when working out.  For this view, I used the same grey fabric for the crotch lining.  The lace I picked up earlier today at Hancock's.  It was the only stretch lace of an appropriate size that they had in the store, and it was kinda pricey (compared to online sources).  I like the look of the white with the grey, even though that would not have been my first choice. 
I haven't worn the grey pair yet, but tried them on and they fit really well.  The side seam measures 9 1/4" top to bottom, including lace.  They stretch a little less than the all lace pair, but I anticipate them to be comfortable.  This pair is like a clone of my RTW pair.

Overall, I give the underwear portion of this pattern an A+.  If you like the "boyshort" style (why is it called that?? ) then you'll love this pattern.  They are so quick and easy, literally, it took longer to write this post.  I think I am addicted after two pair!

I'll be back soon with a review of KS 3425, boxers for DD, camisole in the grey wicking fabric for me - a matching set.   

Try to stay healthy, y'all, the flu is running rampant out there.  

See you soon,



  1. Your undies are looking good, and beautifully finished on the inside...J

  2. Wow!These look so professional .Makes me miss mygirlish figure I lost somewhere in my fifties!

  3. Woo Hoo! These undies are SEXY! You did a beautiful job on them and I totally boobies old have nothing to do with that little bralette either!


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