Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Last 2012 Make

And it is not my usual sort of thing.

Remember these skirts that I made for my nieces?  I wanted to make something for their brother, my nephew, as well.  I had a little trouble finding a pattern at Hancock's.  Every pattern I wanted was out of stock (grrr..), so I ended up with Simplicity 4760.  It includes shirts and pants for little and big guys, but I used only the little guy pants pattern.

Not actual color.

I had initially chosen the plaid corduroy for Little Guy's pants, but after seeing the crew at Thanksgiving, and asking his older sister about the likelihood of LG wearing the plaid, I decided on a plain blue pinwale corduroy from the stash.  I made another skirt from the plaid; it made a really cute skirt.

I love this plaid!

The pants turned out really cute, but there are some problems with the boy's pant pattern.  In no particular order:

1)  It was not clear from the envelope when I bought the pattern, but these have a facing as opposed to a regular waistband.  It worked out ok (see #2)  but is not my preference for LG's pants.

2)  The right and left front facing patterns are drafted incorrectly, specifically, they are both too short.  This wasn't apparant until I was pinning the facing to the waist and came up short of facing.  (First thing I did was to stay-stitch the waistline of the pants, so it wasn't stretching.)  I had to add 1 3/4 " to the right facing, and 1 1/4" to the left facing.  I decided to make it a design element, and used a scrap of red corduroy, which, after the turning of the facing, is barely visible.

3) This pattern has 4 belt loops, 2 in front as part of the pockets, and 2 in back.  I think it needs at least one more on each side, and it is my preference to have a CB belt loop.

4) The fly.  I can't be judging a whole lot here, because the last time I made myself a pair of fly front pants was, um...(counting on fingers)...1985-ish, college days. (Out of wool, which I stupidly threw in the dirty laundry, upon which my mom washed them.  They shrunk like hell, fortuitously down to her tiny little size.)  But really, I just didn't like the way this one was constructed at all.  I went with it to just get them done, but I guess I need a refresher course on fly fronts.

5) The instructions were decent with the exception of the way the facing construction was described.  The whole bit on the left front facing near the zipper was a bit of a geometry puzzle, and rather than try to figure out what they were trying to say, I just basted it the way I thought it should be, then stitched it permanently when it worked.

6) This is not a problem per se, just a mention that the pattern made no reference of seam finishes.  I think most people do their own thing with seam finishes anyway, right?  I used mock flat fell seam finishes wherever possible, including the crotch seam, and employed a 4 thread overlock finish as well.

The pants turned out cute in the end.  I like the little cargo pockets on the sides of the legs, and the front pocket/belt loop combo is a cute feature.  (If you ever find yourself making these, I recommend just basting the top of the front pocket/belt loop within the SA, as opposed to the way the directions say.)

Cute little cargo pocket.

Red "design feature".  This is  closer to the actual color of the fabric.

All in all, though, I would not make these pants again if I needed a pattern for boy's pants unless I could not find another.  If I had to make these again, I would make a waistband and make the FF differently.   The top included with this pattern has no collar stand, although reviews I read for the top on PR were ok.

Closest to actual color.

I made these little labels and put one in the pants, and one in each of the skirts.  My favorite is the red one with the black Scottie Dog.  They each say BB, which has special meaning for the nieces and nephew.

That's it for 2012 if you don't count UFO's!

My wish for all of you for 2013 is a year filled with peace, love, happiness, good health, and of course, lots of time to sew!  It's been fun getting to 'meet' all of you and be a part of the online sewing community. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment. See you soon.

Be Well,


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  1. You put a lot of love and care into these pieces. Just precious.


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