Friday, February 15, 2013


I've been MIA for awhile, working on some home improvement projects. There has been *a little* sewing room activity, though! (Emphasis on little.)  I've been keeping up on blog reading, but have been having difficulty commenting on Blogger blogs using my iPad or iPhone.  Have you experienced the same issue?  Hoping Blogger fixes it soon.

Anyhow, this is what I've been up to!

Bra Sew-Along:  I completed my muslin during the sew along.  Amy of Cloth Habit and Norma of Orange Lingerie were fabulous, so gracious with their time, talent, and knowledge.  It helped me make the leap from staring at my bra pattern to sewing my bra pattern.  I do not have a final, complete, well-fitting bra yet, though.  That will require some pattern alterations or a different pattern.

Bra Muslin hanging.

Bra muslin stuffed.

This shows the cup details better.
It is a 2 part cup with a power bar.

The pattern I used was Danglez DB3E.  It is said to be a good pattern for larger cup sizes, but as a first bra pattern for a bra making newbie, I had some head scratching moments with the instructions.  I had to use a few other sources to make sense of the pattern pieces initially.  The Danglez directions do not have pictures,  ladies.  I dare say most people who sew & create stuff lean toward the visual.  The power bar on the side cup really does it's job to bring your sides in, if you know what I mean.  (You busty ladies will.  ;-))

The pattern as I made it did not have enough volume in the cup, which is fixable, although I am happy with the underwire fit.  There is one thing I didn't care for with this pattern - the straps are too far apart for my taste.  This can be altered, of course, if I choose to go further with this pattern.

I am excited about a new pattern from Bramaker's Supply, called the Shelly full band bra pattern that Michelle, a bra sewing buddy told me about.  It has the larger cups, a 3 part cup with power bar, and the angles of the straps looks more to my liking.  I want to give this pattern a try before I alter and remake the Danglez.

Fabric Acquisitions:   By now I am sure you have read about all the sewing bloggers practicing abstinence (of the fabric and pattern variety) or pledging to use X number of fabrics from their stash.  I'll have none of it!  No abstinence, no promises.  To that end, my first fabric purchase of the year came recently from Marcy Tilton.  The gold fabric is a Ponte, the other two are yummy microfiber knits.  I am not positive about the gold color on me, but my daughter looks fab-u-lous in gold.  It was too pretty to pass up.


Garment Sewing:  Several patterns are cut and ready to sew, just waiting for the time to sew.  The other day I put on my first pair of Style Arc Sailor Sue Pants, made 11 months ago, and since taken in 2 sizes.  I hate to say it, but it's time to retire them, or at least relegate them to around-the-house wear.   The Ponte used for these has become terribly pilled.  Although I have a brown pair cut out, and also own a navy and a gray pair, black is a mainstay in my wardrobe, so I'll need to make another black pair.  This pant style fits my lifestyle well, since it can be dressed up or down, and is so comfortable.  They are also easy to take in, if you are in weight loss mode.

Speaking of pilled fabrics, this knit made into a Style Arc Creative Cate top, has also pilled.  I wear this top fairly often - it is so comfortable and I love the fabric.  It never goes in the dryer, and the fabric was not inexpensive, so I am disappointed.  I recently saw this fabric for much less than I paid, on for $5 per yard!  I have a skirt in this fabric also, which has seen much less wear, so is still in great shape. 

Hemming and Hawing:  During the Great Purge, I found several pairs of pants that are older & skinnier ~and fit~ that need hemming, since I had to give up heels.  I hate hemming, so in order to get it done, I am visiting my friendly neighborhood tailor.  Yes, lazy, I know.  I'll throw in a couple of my husband's pants while I'm at it.  My mending pile is already too high, and I've got to clear off my project/cutting table to make way for my next big project, curtains.

Knitting:  I am trying to relearn knitting.  It's been in Barbie Doll scarves were on my knit list.  

Practicing knit & purl, and slip stitches.  It's not pretty.

Curtains:  Yes, I am about to begin a couple sizable home dec projects.  I've got 26 yards of dec fabric, and the  same amount in both interlining and lining, for long overdue master bedroom curtains.  The goal is room darkening, as well as sound and temperature blocking.  I've promised my daughter mom-made curtains for her bedroom as well - I am thinking white velvet!   
I've had a large cutting table set up in our MBr for some time, rolls of fabric waiting.  Of course, I've been using the fabulously large table for cutting out apparel fabrics & patterns. Once this project is done, it's bye-bye to my fabulously large cutting table in our bedroom.  My husband will be overjoyed.  But I'll be sad.  

Ahh, Florida:  As much as I miss the change of seasons and beautiful snowfalls, life in Florida is nothing to complain about, friends.  This has been a mild winter again for us, and while we have had a few cold days, for the most part it's just been plain gorgeous.  I took the dogs on an extra long walk a few days ago, to the circular park in our old neighborhood.  When we lived there, we walked Crystal in this park most days.  Her old stomping grounds, if you will, and it was time to introduce Zelda to the park on this particularly beautiful Florida day.

The park is full of Oak trees, and squirrels to chase are plentiful.

This is 'the bouncy tree'.  An old palm that grew sideways.  On any given day, you'll see kids climbing on it, and bouncing up and down.  Lauren spent many an afternoon bouncing on this tree!  It used to be several feet more off the ground, but gravity, age, and bouncing kids have taken their toll.  I may have bounced on the bouncy tree at times.

Gratuitous dog pictures....
Crystal introduced Zelda to the bridge that goes over the creek and small ravine.  Z wasn't very sure about it, so proceeded cautiously.

Zelda was pretty proud that she mastered the bridge!

We have family coming into town this weekend, so I've got to tidy up a bit and make some cookies.  The little ones that I made skirts and pants for will be here!  Best thing is, they are considering moving to town - we are all so excited and hope it works out.  It's good to have little people around.   

The painters have finished Lauren's room, so I'll put it back together today, since she is away for a couple days on a school trip.  Her 'stuff' has been clogging up my studio. 

If I go dark for a while, it means I have begun the Great Curtain Project.  But I might have to sew a few clothing items first.  ;-)  

Happy sewing!



  1. That looks like a lot of sewing-related activity for someone who hasn't been doing much sewing!

    Thanks for checking in, and have fun with the GCP!

    Oh, and I don't have an ipad, and never. ever. ever. comment from my phone. But then, I very rarely ever text either, so maybe it doesn't count.

    1. Jilly, I need a big dose of motivation to get started!

  2. Good to hear from you, Andrea! It sounds like you've been plenty busy with sewing and other things. I hope the bra making adventure works out for you. From what I've read on other blogs, it takes perseverance.
    I hear you on knits pilling. Some rayons can be terrible. Even the pricey ones. I've learned to buy only the ones that have a dry hand, rather crepe-y, as they don't pill. Not easy to determine online, but Marcy is really good at mentioning it if the fabric has that quality. Darn you for showing that print. I've been considering buying it, and it looks even better in your photo. Guess I'll have to go put in an order...
    I'm not abstaining from buying fabric, either, but I am trying to keep track of how much I buy and how much I sew. It's a good way of reining myself in a bit.
    Have a great visit with family!

    1. Thanks Dixie, can't wait to see what you make with this knit.

  3. Andrea,

    Have you ordered the Shelley pattern yet? Let me know when you're going to try it. It does sound like you have a lot on the go right now, so bra making may take a bit of a back seat. And thank you so much for the mention in your blog.


    1. Hi Michelle, have not ordered the pattern yet. I emailed Bramakers about their duoplex, and heard back so just have to order it. I've been contemplating the Beverly Johnson books on bras, they are $$ and the shipping is $$$. I should just buy them, right? Every so often my evil, frugal inner self holds me back.

    2. Andrea, I just finished sewing the Shelley again but with the pattern. I love that pattern! It's really well done.

      I did tweak my pattern, so am really glad I ordered it.

      And I have both manuals and love them too. I'm just re-reading the first one. So much to learn from them both.

      You've inspired me with the Sailor Sue pants. I think I'll order them. They look good and are a style I like and wear.

  4. OMG...sewing bras??!! Have you gone mad my dear friend? We barely have time for much sewing as it is with our "über" busy lives! I have to applaud you energy level and wish I could capture just a fraction of it! I can't wait to see your final version. BTW...I'm with you on buying fabric and patterns, it's an "addiction" for me! I love your newest selections! Have fun with your family and hope to see you soon!

    1. Lol, Myra, I think my in my head I have more energy than what happens in reality!

  5. The new fabric does look yummy, especially the print!

    1. Thanks, Anna! I have been stroking it, trying to let it tell me what it wants to be. ;-)


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