Sunday, March 31, 2013


So, I finally went on over to bloglovin and claimed my blog. But, as these things sometimes go, there was a snafu in the cyber world and it didn't seem to work. I have done some fiddlin' and I think it's working now. I put a bloglovin icon in my sidebar, which you can click to follow my blog over there if you like. I am not sure I am convinced about bloglovin yet, but it seems to show all the 324 blogs I follow, whereas Blogger Dashboard never would. So, we'll see how this goes. How do you get your blog updates?

 I've been using Flipboard on my iPhone to read blogs when I don't have access to my laptop. I have enjoyed using Flipboard (for blogs only - I do not use it for news) - I like the format, and the pictures show up quite nicely, filling the whole screen.


 Just because I prefer pictures in posts, here is a shot of a very neglected and confused Amyrillis. It bloomed in March, when it was cold. When it was not supposed to be cold in Florida.

 That's all for now, folks. Please let me know if you do bloglovin and my bloglovin thing isn't working, ok? I hope your Easter weekend was a beautiful one!

 Be back soon with some sewing chatter!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

a well suited model

I was really tickled with this little suit and had to share! My daughter and her friend are working on an animation project today and needed to dress the debonair model pictured above.  I taught them how to draft a simple suit, then they used some of my leftover anthracite Ponte from a pair of slacks.

Lauren is afraid to use my Crescendo BabyLock because it's so new, but I've been encouraging her to use it.  She used it to sew this suit.  She whipped up a purple tie freehand, and a quick dickie, both also from the scrap bucket.  Her friend sewed on the red button (Loved the color choice!), with guidance.   It was the first time the friend had ever sewn anything, even though her grandmother was a clothing designer and skilled seamstress in Miami all her adult life until retiring.  Lauren's friend is a wonderful young woman, leaving for college this fall.  I left her with an open invitation for sewing lessons, but it is unlikely she will have time this year.

Can I just tell y'all how glad I am that my girl knows what to do with a needle and thread, and knows her way around a sewing machine? Maybe I should teach her how to do a little buttonhole so handsome can button his jacket?!

I'm way behind on blogging, be back soon with some actual grown up garments!

Happy Easter!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ok, maybe it's not spring yet where you are just yet, but well, in Florida, our spring has definitely arrived, as evidenced by the green pollen coating cars and patio furniture. Heck, you may be headed into autumn where you live! Nonetheless, we are fast approaching the spring equinox, and regardless of any lingering snow, it will be spring in the northern hemisphere, at least officially.

This afternoon I had to visit my favorite fabric store and see my favorite fabric proprietress, Marisu. I picked out two lovely items, only one of which I can show today. It reminded me of sunny, warm days, and I'm thinking a sleeveless top with the 'stripes' running vertical, something with a drapey front. We shall see. ;-)

Happy {almost} Spring,