Saturday, March 30, 2013

a well suited model

I was really tickled with this little suit and had to share! My daughter and her friend are working on an animation project today and needed to dress the debonair model pictured above.  I taught them how to draft a simple suit, then they used some of my leftover anthracite Ponte from a pair of slacks.

Lauren is afraid to use my Crescendo BabyLock because it's so new, but I've been encouraging her to use it.  She used it to sew this suit.  She whipped up a purple tie freehand, and a quick dickie, both also from the scrap bucket.  Her friend sewed on the red button (Loved the color choice!), with guidance.   It was the first time the friend had ever sewn anything, even though her grandmother was a clothing designer and skilled seamstress in Miami all her adult life until retiring.  Lauren's friend is a wonderful young woman, leaving for college this fall.  I left her with an open invitation for sewing lessons, but it is unlikely she will have time this year.

Can I just tell y'all how glad I am that my girl knows what to do with a needle and thread, and knows her way around a sewing machine? Maybe I should teach her how to do a little buttonhole so handsome can button his jacket?!

I'm way behind on blogging, be back soon with some actual grown up garments!

Happy Easter!



  1. How cute is that! It is great to pass on skills. A shame the friend didn't learn from her grandmother. Maybe she will take you up on your lessons.

  2. Hey that's really cute and good on them for making something. I do like the button!!

  3. After seeing Lauren's incredibly creative drawings, I know this will be a fantastic production. Would love to see it. And by the way, you planted a seed. Lauren's friend may not start sewing now, but I think she will!!

  4. I think a log of us are behind in blogging and everything else too! You're in good company! Nice suit! Happy Easter!


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