Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dress, Refashioned

Hi there, can someone tell me where April went?  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just not much time to blog lately.  In an effort to catch up on blogging projects, here is a dress I 'remade' for my daughter.  
In early March, I drafted a dress for my daughter - I think I mentioned previously she needed a long, black dress.  Three bodice muslins later, we had a good fit. Her request was a long, black, sleeveless dress, with a deep V front and a high slit in the skirt.

 As I was tidying up the worktable, getting ready to cut fabric, I remembered that I had a dress somewhat similar to the one I was about to make for Lauren.  The dress was too big for me, which meant she would swim in it.  She tried it on, I pinned a few places, and voilá, beautiful!

I basted what I had pinned out, and that was as far as I got.  We left for Orlando, sewing machine and supplies in tow.  I stayed in the hotel room sewing, while she and her friends went to the convention.  She needed the dress for the evening.  I had a nice day sewing without distractions. (How often does that happen?)

I am sorry I have no "before" shot to show, as I was excited and dove right in.  A lot of width had to be removed from the dress, so that I had to end up taking the underarm area of the bodice apart and reshaping it so that the front and back met at the sides. The straps had to be removed and redone, as they initially had rings in the front, and because she is petite.  Lauren requested a side slit, so I opened up one side seam, so that it can be closed in the future.  We made this for a Cosplay Convention, actually a Cosplay Prom if you will, but the dress without the props looks fabulous, and fits my girl to a T.  I made every effort to make this dress very wearable and not just a costume.

The one thing I am disappointed about it that there was supposed to be more elaborate green trimming on the front and back of the dress.  The plan was to wonder tape it on, secured with a few strategic safety pins or stitches, so as to be removable.  The wonder tape was the one item that did not make it into the bag.  :-( So while Lauren was fixing her wig and horns, I quick whip stitched some trim to the straps and following the V in front.  She was running late and that's all she had time for.  She looked stunning!

I can tell she was tired in these pictures - no smile!  The pictures below were from the morning, when she wore another outfit that we made.  See the smiles?  By the way, her skin is not gray - that's makeup and tights, and arm socks/gloves that we made out of gray tights. I really need to get better pics of this dress in good lighting, because these pictures do not do it justice. She was quite happy with the dress.

Lauren made the horns she is wearing, the outfit was made by me to her  specs.

After that weekend is sunny Orlando, we traveled to the very cold Cleveland, Columbus (OSU), and Chicago (Loyola) for an appointment and some college visits.  We had really limited time, but got to meet the lovely Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life, because she was so wonderful and worked around our tight schedule.  She is every bit as sweet in real life as on her blog.  Rhonda took us to a fantastic restaurant for breakfast, a place famous for it's cinnamon rolls (seriously to die for), but where everything was so good.  Rhonda, thank you! It was such a treat to meet you, hopefully we will have another time in the future.

I can't close this post without telling you a little secret.  Last weekend my family and I were in New York City!!! I had a meeting just across the river in NJ, and a couple social events.  On Friday, I eeked out time to go to Mood Fabrics and a super brief visit to Metro Textiles, but there was just no time for meet-ups.  (Myra, seriously we need to arrange a trip!)  Yeah, I did some damage, more on the goods in another post.

This weekend I was supposed to be in Atlanta with my family for a family event, but sh-sh-sh-shingles kept me home. (Btw, did you see Marcy Tilton's new 'Shingle Dress' in Vogue's summer pattern release?)  I am off the serious painkillers today, so finishing up a long black dress for me.  Couple other things to post about, including a pair of Ponte pants that Mrs. Mole so graciously helped me with. (Drop that crotch!) So I will be back soon!