Thursday, October 31, 2013

October's Sewing

Hi there, another month done, can you believe it??  I pledged last month to sew a garment a month, when SarahLiz set up the challenge.  You can read about it over at SarahLizSewStyle.  Since I am really lacking in the wardrobe department right now due to a totally new size and shape, I decided I'd work on sewing some basics, and I also committed to working through the UFO and 'take in' piles.

 I began October by making the positively reviewed Pamela's Pattern's Magic Pencil Skirt in a remnant of grey Ponte left over from another project.  It is a true 'quickie' pattern to sew up, and a great wardrobe basic. Not much to say that hasn't been said about this patterm. A bit challenging to capture the right color.

 Styled on my dress form:

Next up I put this skirt construction method to the test. This was based on the Threads article that showed how to make an easy to alter skirt.  I am happy to say it was truly easy to alter! I removed the hand stitching where I had sewn the lining to the zipper tape, pulled up the lining, and basted both side seams a couple of times until I found a good fit. Then I serged up those seams, and had a new, wearable skirt. One thing about this is that I was able to reshape the sides so I could wear the skirt higher at my waist. This also made the skirt a little above the knee rather than mid knee.  I've only had this on in the house for a quick try-on. I need to wear it for a little while to see if I need to go back and make a back slit or vent, since it's both smaller and shorter now.

Zelda wasn't too sure about the dress form!

Third in line this month was a simple slip refashion (above with the boucle skirt).  I had a very old (vintage, lol) slip I think I purchased in high school. It has a lace trim at the bottom, the waist elastic was shot, and it was mid-calf length. Well, I don't really need that length, so I shortened it from above. I cut off several inches, applied new elastic, and boom! I have a brand new slip that is wearable again!

The fourth sewing project of the month was to sew up the pillowcases I'd long ago pledged to Rhonda Buss' Mary Bridge Pillow Case Project.  They were fun to sew, and the fabrics were so bright and cheerful!  Rhonda, if you're reading this, they are going out in the mail in a day or two!

My favorite, the Dr. Seuss pillowcase.

The fifth and final sewing project, a garment, was made just under the wire yesterday!  I went upstairs to cut the pattern out around 1pm, then sewed it yesterday evening after dinner.  My daughter needed a simple black dress with a gentle A line, for today. It is actually for a costume, but is nice enough to wear as a regular dress. I used the most fabulous Ponte, which I think was purchased at Spandex World. It is a heavier weight with super snappy recovery. I am definitely buying more in black, as it would be great as pants or a jacket. I wish you could all feel this fabric! This morning I hadn't had my coffee yet when Lauren left for school, so I forgot to snap a picture!  I took a couple quick shots before the onslaught of trick or treaters came. As far as the pattern, it was pretty basic; it was a New Look, but that's all I've got on it tonight.  I'll do a review of this pattern another day. When Lauren came home from school today, she said she loves the dress and wants to wear it all the time, it was so comfy. She said she told everyone her mom made it. How sweet is that?

These pictures are not great. Evening, indoors, black dress... I lightened them as much as possible.  I'll try to get daytime pics when I write the review.

She dressed as Kiki from the film "Kiki's Delivery Service, by H. Miyazaki.  The bow was a bit wilty by this late hour. 

Great stretch and recovery, no 'bagging' in the seat!

I am looking forward to creating several more wardrobe basics for myself in November.  Don't forget to click on over to SarahLiz's blog to see what everyone has been up to!

Happy Halloween,


Monday, October 7, 2013

Garment a Month Challenge

The lovely Sarah Liz of SarahLizSewStyle is hosting a garment a month challenge. I have been in need of some motivation lately to get some garments made, so this is just the thing! Come on over, grab a button, and join the challenge.

I am in desperate need of some new clothes, as I have just a few things recently purchased and a few things I've made that fit.  This weekend I went through my patterns and pulled a stack of patterns up for consideration, and have been culling that stack down to a reasonable number, with the emphasis on the basics, because basics are what I need at the moment. I ordered a few patterns from the most recent BMVsale, as well. Unfortunately, all of my Style Arc Patterns are out of the running because I've gone down a few sizes and don't want to grade them down.  I am throwing a couple of indie patterns in the mix, along with the usual suspects. Losing weight has only one downside that I can think of: TNT patterns are no longer TNT. But I can live with that.  Time for some new TNT patterns!  I'll be back next week with a list and a plan, if all goes well.

October started off with some sewing - a Magic Pencil Skirt that is awaiting hemming, and a blouse muslin that still needs a little work.  There are some UFO's floating around the studio that need finishing; my goal with those is to complete one a month until all UFO's are FO's. I don't have too many, thankfully. A very dear friend's dad passed away this morning; I will be traveling to the funeral, and need something to wear. After I click post, I am headed up to the studio to pull out a LBD UFO to see if I can make that work. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Until next week, happy sewing!