Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello Again! Vogue 9057 ~ The Marcy Tilton Tunic

Hello out there, sewing friends. How have you been? You may have noticed that my blog went silent for over a year. I really do enjoy blogging, and all the friends I have made because of blogging. Why did I stop blogging, then? About a year ago, my blog was hacked. I have no idea why, or how, as I am a bit of a password fanatic. These days, it seems like we are all just trying to keep one step ahead of the hackers (and skimmers) in our daily lives, blogs being the least concern, hmm? The blog still needs some tinkering, but it will get there, in time.

Hi there! A beautiful December day in Tampa, in Vogue 9057.

Onto a more fun subject, and the reason we are all here. Let's talk about Marcy Tilton's Tunic Top Vogue Pattern #9057.  Lately I have found myself in the mood for tunic type tops and long, flowy cardigans. Recently I purchased a very long, drapey, wonderfully soft cardi that I live in when I'm home, as it's really lounge wear.  It made me realize how much I love that style, so I snagged the Marcy Tilton pattern at a Hancock's sale this past winter.

This was my first Marcy Tilton Pattern, and I LOVE IT!  I've worn it so much the novelty fabric on the front has begun to get pilly.  (Truth be told, the quality of the front fabric is not good.) In the picture above, you can sort of make out the side slit on the right, longer side.

Front view. The neckband is made from the black knit. 

Let's talk about the pattern instructions.  I followed the instructions all the way through, because I was curious about 'Marcy's way', and I have read on her blog about her process of writing pattern instructions.  The main point of difference in construction vs. how I would normally construct a knit top was in the neck band & shoulder finish. I was unsure if I would like her method, as I usually opt for a clean finish with my serger. However, I really like Marcy's method outlined in the pattern, AND I think it would be a great way for a someone new to sewing or just new to knits, or who struggles with neckband finishes, to learn and use. I would highly recommend buying this pattern if you find yourself in one of those groups and want to learn a different neckband method. I won't detail the method here, but I will say it is all done by sewing machine - no serger - and my neckband turned out beautifully, no fuss, no muss.

Construction details of my top:

Fabric:  Front is a very lightweight, novelty knit from Hancock's, purchased on sale - and using my ~senior~ discount... (seriously!) The back, sleeves, and neckband are a wonderful black knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. It's been marinating in stash for a while, and will pop up again, as I have a few more yards of this yummy knit.

Back view. The most interesting thing here would be the beautiful church entryway. 

Pattern changes or adjustments:  Started with a straight size small back. The front is a small at the shoulders, a medium from the underarm on down. I added my usual 'knit cheater FBA' as well, but ended up not needing it due to the light & stretchy nature of my front fabric, so I just trimmed it off before sewing up the side seams.  Added 3 inches to the overall length. When I fitted the paper pattern to myself, I did not like where the higher (left) side hit at the fullest part of my hip/thigh area, and lengthening fixed that.  I found the sleeves to be generous in width, but I have remarkably thin arms. I took 1 inch (2.5cm) seam allowances here, and they remain plenty roomy. I added 1 inch to the length of the sleeves for personal preference.  I took a risk and did not do my usual forward shoulder, as the paper fitting indicated I may not need it. Overall, not major changes, and the pattern fits like a dream. This is, hands down, the best fitting Vogue pattern I have ever sewn, since I began sewing at the age of 14.

Cracking up at the honks & hollers we were getting at
our photo shoot - in front of the church.
In fact, this top has garnered more compliments from so many different people, more than any garment/outfit I have worn in recent memory, either hand made or RTW.  I wear the tunic with black leggings, normally, but the day these pictures were taken, had on slim knit slacks. And I will tell you a secret. It is so comfortable, it is like wearing pajamas! Yep, look great, feel like you're wearing pajamas. I'm good with that. Comfort is extremely important to me at this point in my life.

An inside view without the scarf.

So why haven't I sewn it again? Hmmm... Good question. I do have more planned, absolutely, and the pattern pieces have been sitting out for at least 6 weeks waiting patiently.  Despite it being a very warm April, with every day well into the 80's, I am still getting wear out of this top. Days when I will be indoors all day, in air conditioning, I welcome having my arms and legs covered, and in fact, bring a shawl or sweater.  So I will make more! I believe next time, just to mix it up, I'll try the intended length.  That's all I have to say about Marcy Tilton's pretty normal (as far as her patterns go) and super comfy tunic. You should make one; the pattern has short variations also!

Around the same time as the tunic came to be, I whipped up a quick pair of Marcy's legging type knit pants, Vogue 8859, mostly out of curiosity. I'd heard lots of good things about them. For this quickie pair, I taped the pattern to exclude the business that is going on at the front and back knee; I was really just looking to work on the fit.  I did not expect them to fit quite as well as they did, despite the measurements looking good. Here are a couple magic mirror shots:

V8859 Front

V8859 Side
After taking these quick mirror shots, I can't remember what happened, but they have remained as a UFO! Isn't that sad? This fabric, also purchased on sale at Hancock's and with my senior discount, is quite a nice knit with great recovery. I think I will hem these this weekend and put them in my closet, where they deserve to be.

What's Next?

This past week I worked on a sewing first - a pair of jeans for myself. Previously, I have only made kid jeans.  For a pattern, I went with Hotpatterns Weekender Boyfriend Jean.  The fit is pretty good, with the only significant change being in leg length. They need to have the waistband completed and then will ready for a test wear; this pair is my official muslin, out of a large denim remnant. Pics to come soon.

I've got so many patterns and fabrics in my 'next' pile, it's a little out of hand. I did a major closet purge and really am in need of everything. I'm in the mood to sew bras, so there may be some of that going on. I'll just have to spin the seam ripper and see what it lands on next!

A Little Funny 

I thought I would leave you with a couple funny pictures. This winter I was making a muslin of a Style Arc top.  To be honest, I don't always pay attention to pattern directions. And Style Arc isn't know for being wordy. So, I went my own way, only it was the wrong way.

What's wrong with this picture - besides the top being too big?

How the heck did that happen? It's like  armpit tongues!

Until next time, happy sewing!